Believe it or not, the Chicago Bears offense is not bottom of the leagueRyan Heckmanon September 28, 2022 at 4:00 pm

So, the Chicago Bears are 2-1. But, no one in Chicago is even close to being satisfied with that record. In reality, that record is irrelevant when the Bears’ offense has looked so inept.

But, the record is fact, and the Bears are tied for first in the NFC North — for now. I think we can all agree, if the Bears don’t figure things out on offense, that record will flip in a hurry.

Through three weeks, the Bears have been anemic on offense, and specifically through the air. They have been so bad, that Justin Fields set a record for fewest passing yards (net total of 235) through three starts since 1975.

Even though it seems like the sky is falling in Chicago, some of the numbers say otherwise.

Stay with me, here.

The Chicago Bears are dead last in total offensive yards, but not all is bad on that side of the ball.

In terms of yardage, sure, the Bears do rank dead last in the NFL with 795 yards of offense. However, they have somewhat made the most of the opportunities they have had when getting closer to the red zone.

Right now, there are 12 teams that are averaging less points per game than the Bears, putting Chicago’s offense at no. 20 in scoring through Week 3.

Scoring around the league has been very odd so far this season. If the Bears’ 17.3 points per game ranks no. 20 in the NFL, something is wrong. But, here we are. Even the Green Bay Packers have scored less per game (16.0) than the Bears — yep, go ahead and write that one down.

The Bears offense sucks, but they are averaging more points per game (17.3) than the Packers (16.0) through 3 weeks.

Those are the facts.

— Ryan Heckman (@TheRyanHeckman) September 28, 2022

Just for clear context, the Bears offense is scoring more points per game than the:

Tennessee Titans (17.0) — Last year’s no. 1 seed in the AFC

New Orleans Saints (17.0) — Jameis slinging it, or not?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17.0) — Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T.

New England Patriots (16.7) — Bill Belichick

Houston Texans (16.3) — Still yikes

Green Bay Packers (16.0) — Aaron Rodgers

San Francisco 49ers (15.7) — Is Jimmy Garoppolo really the hero they needed?

Seattle Seahawks (15.7) — not much to say here

Dallas Cowboys (15.3) — featuring a top one-two punch at running back

Denver Broncos (14.3) — after trading the farm for Russell Wilson

Indianapolis Colts (13.3) — featuring arguably the league’s top running back

So, yes, the Bears’ passing game has been a train wreck so far. But, they are second in the NFL in rushing through three weeks, totaling 560 yards on the ground. It hasn’t mattered who is running the ball for the Bears, this ground game has been phenomenal.

Some are already at the point of cashing in on the 2022 season, but there is reason to believe the Bears can turn it around on offense — at least, to the point where they can remain competitive.

After all, they do have the number 11 overall scoring defense in football right now, and the number two rushing attack. These Bears are no slouches. It might not be a pretty season, but Chicago has a chance to remain competitive, despite the ugliness in the passing game.

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