Bears vs. Browns – Preseason Week 3 Odds and Plays

Only a true degenerate would be willing to make some plays for preseason football, but what are we supposed to do? Not give our hard earned money away? No thanks. So how about we take a look at what the current odds are and if we can make some plays this weekend in Cleveland. First off I am going to go into some of my thoughts on the current odds, but if you are just itching for the play then feel free to scroll down to the end. I won’t know you are doing it, but I hope a part of you feels a little bad.

Bears are starting at +5.5

BETMGM has the Bears as the underdog at +5.5 in a game where the starters are expected to play for both teams. I’m sure Justin Fields will be looking to make a statement after the last time he faced off against the Browns, and all of Chicago should be praying he keeps clean. The Bears were underdogs in their first two preseason games and went on to win. Is a threepeat in order?

Browns sit at -210 with Questions at QB

There has been no sighting of Browns Jacoby Brissett in the first two games of the preseason. With Watson owning the spotlight (is their a more negative word for spotlight in this context?) the question one reporter asked was if it is “hard to not try and be Deshaun Watson?” I will let Jacoby himself answer this one:

“It’s very easy for me not to be Deshaun Watson. Trust me.” – Jacoby Brissett
All timer. 😂

The Browns will be without Watson for the first 11 games so the decision to wait on giving Brisset some rest is an interesting (or in English, dumb) decision. The bears at +175 on the flip is definitely worth a look.

Now the Bears receiving core needs a big outing this Saturday with N’Keal Harry’s injury, so if they prove hungry enough perhaps that win will be even easier to obtain.

The O/U is currently sitting at 41.5

The Bears/Browns O/U at 41.5 is tied as the highest for Saturday (along with the Colts/Bucs) and the way both teams offenses have come out during the initial preseason games it likely isn’t a surprise. I personally was even leading towards giving this out as a strong over recommendation initially, but had a change of heart. For the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire fans I ask you remember the old ask the audience lifeline that was present. Believe it or not asking the audience is the right move 90% of the time! With that being said I had to do some second guessing when looking at my phone today.

Ok 80% going for the under? Are they just looking at big number means it can’t reach it? Either way it makes our choice a tad harder. Feel free to also note the +5.5 pick at 78%.

Get to your picks already

If you are still here, or just scrolled down to this part let’s get to my plays as I have two of them.

Bears +5.5 – I am staying away from the moneyline here as I tend to do with preseason games. There is just way too much uncertainty and the ‘safety’ of the spread is calling me back into its warm arms. I would go as high as 3 units here if you are feeling daring.Under 41.5 – Sigh…I am giving into peer pressure and going with the under. Stick with 1 unit so that way if your Bears spread hits then you aren’t at a full loss.

Now remember this is PRESEASON. Betting here can be wildly inaccurate, but stick with me and I promise at least we can have some fun.

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