Bears QB Justin Fields has separated shoulder with ‘partially torn ligaments’

Bears quarterback Justin Fields clarified that his left shoulder injury is “a separated shoulder with partially torn ligaments, basically an AC joint.”

While Fields is a right-handed passer, the injury hinders his throwing motion. He said he was in intense pain during Wednesday’s walk-through when he passed or handed off, and there certainly is concern about him taking hits on runs.

Fields said he was not in condition to play, but “we’ll see how it feels in four days,” when the Bears visit the Jets.

“If I can play and I’m not furthering the risk of injury and I can do what I need to do to protect myself, that’ll be good enough for me to play,” he said, acknowledging that he’d get a painkiller shot on game day.

Fields was unsure whether he’d wear a harness, brace or pad on his left shoulder if he plays against the Jets.

There are much higher stakes in the long run than against the Jets as the Bears sit 3-8, and that will factor into whether Fields plays against the Jets.

“Of course I’m not gonna sacrifice playing in this game for me risking that I might not be able to play later… and have to sit out two or three more weeks after that,” he said. “Just listening to my body and making sure I’m not forcing anything.”

Fields has completed 59.6% of his passes, averaged 149.3 yards per game and thrown for 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions for an 86.2 passer rating. He also has rushed for 75.8 yards per game and scored seven touchdowns.

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