Bears predictions: Week 9 vs. Dolphins

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ home game Sunday against the 5-3 Dolphins:


Dolphins, 30-17

I’ve gotten my hands on a tape of Matt Eberflus’ midweek speech to his team:”People are saying we’ve given up on the season. We traded Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith. But don’t give up hope! Has anyone ever seen the ‘Rocky’ movies? How about ‘Rudy?’ Wait, what? Who said that? I distinctly heard somebody say, ‘No, but I’ve seen ‘Titanic.’ We’re doing pushups until the guilty party fesses up!” Season: 5-3.


Dolphins, 26-21

I no longerknow what this team is. I barely know who’s on it, who’s in town, who’s waving bye-bye. The mystery Bears, led by GM sorcerer Ryan Poles. Season: 4-4.


Dolphins, 30-21

With the way the Bears offense has improved in the last few weeks, it’s possible the Bears win a shootout, but Poles’ demolition of the defense is going to leave an already depleted unit without an anchor. Watch out for Tua Tagovailoa and the boys running tempo and misdirection all day long. Season: 4-4.


Dolphins, 31-18

The Bears forced two punts against the Cowboys last week. The Dolphins punted once last week against the Lions. This one could get ugly. Only the Soldier Field Turf Monster can save the Bears. Season: 4-4.


Dolphins, 34-30

It’s a scary situationfor the Bears’ defense, which was teetering the last few weeks then further weakened itself by trading Quinn and Smith. The offense, meanwhile, is on its way up, but isn’t ready to win a shootout yet. Season: 4-4.


Dolphins, 31-23

Even without Smith, the Bears’ defense won’t be as bad as it was against theCowboys. But that still won’t be enough to stop Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle from putting on a show in what looks like optimum November conditions at Soldier Field. Season: 5-3.

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