Bears predictions: Week 9 at SteelersPatrick Finleyon November 4, 2021 at 4:21 pm

Bears defensive tackle Akiem Hicks chases quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in 2017 — a 23-17 Bears win. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ “Monday Night Football” game in Pittsburgh.

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ “Monday Night Football” game in Pittsburgh:

Rick Morrissey

Steelers 24-17

The Steelers have won three straight, and although they haven’t set the world on fire during that stretch, they do have good vibes on their side. The Bears do not. Aside from a nice performance by Justin Fields, the loss to the 49ers last week was a disaster. The defense fell apart. Why would there be reason to think anything has changed in one week? Season: 6-2.

Rick Telander

Steelers 23-17

The Steelers don’t have much of an offense (18.9 points per game), but the Bears are almost pulse-free (15.4 points per game). Without a running back who can stay healthy or help from the formerly terrific wide receiver known as Allen Robinson (102 catches last year; 26 so far this year), you have to wonder how the Bears can beat anyone. Keep wondering. Season: 5-3.

Patrick Finley

Bears 15-14

The Steelers are only the second team the Bears have played this season — the Lions are the other — who rank in the bottom half of the NFL in both yards per game and points per game. The Bears are tied for last in the NFL with 13 touchdowns — but the Steelers have just 14. Give me the upset in a game that makes Don Coryell roll over in his grave. Season: 7-1.

Jason Lieser

Steelers 24-16

As good as it felt for Justin Fields and the Bears to take a step forward offensively last week, the Steelers will be arguably the best defense they’ve faced. Winning in prime time in Pittsburgh is too big of a challenge at this point. Season: 6-2.

Mark Potash

Steelers 24-17

This looked like a better matchup for the Bears three weeks ago. But the Bears have lost three straight. The Steelers have won three straight. Only the unpredictability of the NFL — and Fields — makes this a tougher call. Season: 6-2.

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