Bears predictions: Week 6 vs. Commanders

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ Thursday night game against the Commanders at Soldier Field:


Bears 21-17

The planets seem to be aligning for a Bears victory. Justin Fields is coming off a decent game. The Commanders have lost four straight. And the Bears’ defense has promised to set its alarm clock for kickoff rather than for halftime. But with this team, there are no sure things. Season: 4-1.


Bears 21-19

This is a must-win game for the Bears. Win and they’re .500, lose and they’re in a hole they won’t recover from. The problem is it’s a must-win for the 1-4 Commanders too. Show ’em the way out , Mr. Fields. Season: 4-1.


Bears 21-18

I’m going against my better judgement and hoping that the improved play from Justin Fields is real and not imagined. Also, the Washington franchise is just a mess right now. The Bears are less of a mess. Season: 3-2.


Commanders 27-26

This might be the last time all season the Bears have a better record than their opponent. Like I said before (wrongly) picking the Texans to beat them, it’s dangerous to presume the Bears are walkover favorites against anyone. Weird things happen on Thursday nights. Season: 2-3.


Bears 20-13

Fields is coming off his best game and he’ll be facing a struggling defense. The Commanders also don’t have much going offensively with quarterback Carson Wentz, who could be headed to the bench soon. Season: 3-2.


Bears 18-15

Two upstreaming teams playing on short rest is not likely to be pretty, but the Bears are at home against a 1-4 opponent, with an opportunity for Fields and the offense to build off Sunday’s baby step against the Vikings.Season: 4-1.

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