Bears predictions: Week 4 at Giants

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Sunday at the Giants:


Giants 21-17

Two very similar teams will go at it Sunday, and that doesn’t figure to be good news for anyone looking to stay awake during the game. The so-so Daniel Jones has played better than the so-far-so-bad Justin Fields. It would be nice to see progress from Fields. Holding your breath for that is discouraged. Season: 2-1.


Giants 27-22

Can you imagine this team that some ‘geniuses’ picked to go 3-14 starting out 3-1? Not I. It could happen, but at some point even a Bears quarterback has to throw the ball. That’s troubling. Season: 2-1.


Bears 23-17

After watching the first three weeks of Giants football, I’m worried about Daniel Jones’ safety. Apparently, I’m more worried about it than Brian Daboll. It’ll be a big game for the Bears defense.

Season: 2-1.


Bears 15-12

The Bears won their first-ever meeting on Dec. 6, 1925, by a score of 19-7 at the Polo Grounds. The two sides will be lucky to score more this week. Over the last two games, the Bears and Giants have combined for 11 field goals and five touchdowns. Season: 1-2.


Bears 16-13

Neither of these teams scores a lot or allows much scoring, so find yourself a good pillow before kickoff. Both starting quarterbacks get sacked a lot and are near the bottom in passer rating. This is a winnable game for the Bears. Season: 2-1.


Giants 17-16

This is a great opportunity for the Bears to win on the road against a Giants team playing on a short week. But Fields and the Bears’ offense would need to make a big jump to pull that off. Season: 2-1.

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