Bears predictions: Week 2 at Packers

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ Sunday night game at the rival Packers:

Rick Morrissey

Packers 28-17

Sunday night will let everyone know if the Packers simply had a bad day at the office in Week 1 or if Aaron Rodgers misses Davante Adams way more than he thought possible. Based on Rodgers’ “ownership” of the Bears, I’m leaning heavily toward the former. Season: 0-1

Rick Telander

Packers 27-24

A winless team favored mightily over an undefeated team?Oh ye of little faith! I’m talking to you, Las Vegas books. I guess myself too. Unless there’s another monsoon, the Bears can’t make Rodgers a total loser. Season: 0-1

Laurence Holmes

Packers 28-20

The Bears could announce themselves and deal a major blow to Green Bay with a win. Matt Eberflus’ squad is tough and disciplined, but I’d like to see it again before I totally jump on board. Bears put up a fight, but fall short. Season: 0-1.

Patrick Finley

Packers 21-9

Four of the franchise’s last five head coaches won their Bears debuts at Lambeau Field — and Matt Nagy would have, too, had Kyle Fuller squeezed an interception. It’s too much to expect Eberfus to join the list — and for the Packers to start 0-2. Season: 0-1.

Jason Lieser

Packers 26-18

Even with so many high-profile departures, the Bears seem to have better footing all around under Eberflus than Nagy. That means there’s far less chance of them embarrassing themselves, but they still aren’t good enough to take down Aaron Rodgers. Season: 0-1

Mark Potash

Packers 17-10

The improved Bears will be game, but the Packers don’t figure to grease the skids with penalties like the 49ers did — and Rodgers is better than Trey Lance. Packers are 9-0 following a loss under Matt LaFleur, averaging 31.9 points per game. Season: 0-1

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