Bears predictions: Week 13 vs. Packers

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ rivalry game Sunday against the 4-8 Packers:


Packers, 31-17

Old habits die hard. I know the Packers are struggling. I know they’ve lost seven of their last eight games. I know that creaky Aaron Rodgers looks like a shell of himself. But I also know the past 30 years of Bears-Packers. If Rodgers shows up in a wheelchair Sunday, he’ll be popping wheelies by the end of the game.Season: 8-4.


Packers, 17-16

This is interesting: the inept Bears have a fair shot at breaking the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season (3,296). They need 993 yards in five games. Wonder why they never pass? An offense from the 1940s meets the self-loving Mr. Ayahuasca. Again. Season: 6-6.


Packers, 24-11

Attrition has hit the Bears hard and their roster had depth issues to begin with. The defense has struggled to stop everyone including backup quarterbacks. If Rodgers is being truthful about feeling better, Sunday will be a long day on the lakefront! He may own you one more time before you’re ready to fight back. Season: 6-6.


Bears, 24-23

Only the Texans give up more rushing yards per game than the Packers. There’s a formula for the Bears to win, then: keep Rodgers off the field and somehow find a way to turn over a quarterback who ranks third in the league in interceptions. Season: 7-5.


Bears 38-34

This is the hero moment everyone’s been waiting for from Justin Fields. He has come close to pulling it off a few times, and now he finally breaks through by beating the archrival. Without him, the Bears would lose by 20. Season: 6-6.


Packers, 31-24

Rodgers has a broken thumb and a rib injury to boot, but he hasn’t forgotten how to beat the Bears. Fields, likely to start, is better than he was in Week 2, but the Bears’ defense is worse. Season: 6-5.

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