Bears predictions: Week 10 vs Lions

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ home game Sunday against the 2-6 Lions:


Bears, 31-28

According to Vegas, the Bears are slight favorites to beat the Lions. According to public opinion in Chicago, Justin Fields will run for 200 yards, pass for 200 more and launch a mayoral campaign Sunday. If the Bears can keep their feet on the ground while their fan base swoons over the quarterback, they’ll have a good chance against Detroit.Season: 6-3.


Bears, 25-23

One team’s on a winning high, the other’s coming off a tough loss. Guess which team is favored? Fields is now known to the league. But the Bears better be careful. Cockiness kills. Season: 5-4.


Bears, 30-20

The Bears are riding high behind the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. The Lionswon their Super Bowl and probably saved their coach’s job last week against Green Bay. Look for Fields to have a big day passing on Sunday. Season: 5-4.


Bears, 43-42

Getting to this unique score –it’s never happened before in the NFL –is a bet on just how bad these two defenses are. The Lions allow 6.39 yards per play, the fifth-most in the history of the sport. The Bears allow about a half-yard less. Season: 5-4.


Bears, 39-32

Fields did well enough against the Lions in just his second NFL start to take over the position for the Bears. He’s a lot better now, and the Lions might — somehow — have gotten even worse. Season: 5-4.


Bears, 31-24

An improving Fields coming off a record-setting performance against the Dolphins, playing at home vs. a Lions defense that ranks 32nd and last in the NFL in points and yards allowed. What could go wrong? Season: 6-3.

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