Bears HC Matt Eberflus unleashed his thoughts on sorry passing attack

Matt Eberflus was not satisfied with the Bears’ offense in Week 2

Passing attempts were harder to find on the Chicago Bears Sunday Night Football telecast than a can of baby formula at your local grocery store. Quarterback Justin Fields finished the game with 11 passing attempts that resulted in 70 yards. Fields wasn’t targeting players analysts assumed would be a significant part of the Bears’ passing scheme. Bears head coach Matt Eberflus seemed frustrated on the sideline with the play on the field.

Wide receiver Darnell Mooney had one reception for -4 yards. That brings Mooney’s total this season to 4 receiving yards. Tight end Cole Kmet had nothing but a drop against the Packers. Kmet has yet to catch a pass this season.

The Bears’ passing game was also inept in Week 1 against the San Francisco 49ers. The excuse made after the game was the rainy conditions. The Bears didn’t try passing much against the Packers. The Bears relied on the run. That game plan was solid enough to score 10 points in total. Three points came in the second half as the Bears tried to come back from being down 24-7 at halftime.

Eberflus addressed the offensive shortcomings in Monday’s press conference

Per Adam Hoge with CHGO Sports, Matt Eberflus said he trusts Fields to the ball more than 11 times in an NFL football game. Eberflus said he understands the passing game is struggling through the first two weeks and that the Bears aren’t doing a good job scheming to get playmakers the football.

Noted Padres fan @patrickfinley, wearing a Padres hat today, asks Matt Eberflus if he trusts Justin Fields to throw the ball more:

“Oh yeah, we trust him for sure.”

— Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) September 19, 2022

Matt Eberflus acknowledges the passing game struggles and says they are looking at it: “It is a concern. We want to get better there. We want to improve.”

On getting Darnell Mooney involved: “We need to highlight our skill. We know that.”

— Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) September 19, 2022

Eberflus tried to explain the Bears’ 11 passing attacks as a byproduct of a successful running attack that gained 23 fewer rushing yards than the Packers.

Matt Eberflus maintains that he and the Bears’ staff have confidence in Justin FIelds to throw the ball. The 11 pass attempts were just a product of the success of the Bears’ run game.

— Josh Schrock (@Schrock_And_Awe) September 19, 2022

Eberflus then articulated that he understood, following the Bears scoring 10 points after passing the ball 11 times, that the team needs to find a better balance of run and pass.

Matt Eberflus said he trusts Justin Fields to throw more than 11 times. Stresses the need for balance between run/pass.

— Patrick Finley (@patrickfinley) September 19, 2022

#Bears HC Matt Eberflus on lack of production in passing attack after two games: “It is a concern. We want to get better there.”

— Larry Mayer (@LarryMayer) September 19, 2022

Matt Eberflus should know this by Week 2

Matt Eberflus and the Bears coaching staff have been around the league enough to know they can’t run an offense this way. The admissions don’t mean anything unless the Bears change their play on the field from the first two weeks.

The 49ers game was a prelude to the offense the Bears thought would have a winning formula this season. Fields isn’t learning how to do anything in this offense but how to relieve an injured starting quarterback in the future by handing the ball off.

The Bears’ offense is finding ways to reach a new low in the passing game. Week 2 against the Packers needs to be this year’s bottom.


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