Bears Fans want Davante Adams traded to Chicago

Bears fans want an elite wide receiver

Chicago Bears fans are suffering through a tough season. The Bears are 3-12 heading into Week 17. One bright spot for the team this season has been the offense. Second-year quarterback Justin Fields has made significant progress. But he needs his healthy wide receivers to step up his passing game, as his current crop drops a lot of passes and run poor routes. Fans think Davante Adams might be a fit after shocking news came out on the Las Vegas Raiders Wednesday.

The Raiders are benching Derek Carr for their last two games and starting Jarrett Stidham in his place. Analysts believe Carr will not be back for the Raiders at quarterback next season. The Raiders could bring in another quarterback, or they could look to trade Adams, who doesn’t seem happy about his future prospects in Las Vegas. It’s speculated the Raiders will try and trade Adams this offseason. We’ll see if that happens; Adams chose the Raiders to be near family.

Adams would fit on the Bears

Adams coming to Chicago would be a godsend. The Bears could have a pass-catching scheme that includes Adams, Chase Claypool, Darnell Mooney, and Cole Kmet. Sort of a lite-Kansas City Chiefs-esque group when Tyreek Hill was helping put the team in Super Bowls. Bears fans on Twitter seem excited about the prospect. Here are the best takes on Twitter about Adams being possibly traded to Chicago.

The best thing that could happen for Justin Fields this offseason.
But it won’t 🤭

Bears fans arguing how they dont want 30 yo top 5 WR DeAndre Hopkins but want 30 yo top 5 WR Davante Adams
#Bears #DaBears

The only logical thing left for the Raiders to do is to trade Davante Adams and their 2023 first- and second-round picks to the Bears for the No. 1/2 overall pick 🤭

Been saying this you wanna get Fields a number 1 why not the best receiver in the game

Packers fans would freak out. Prolly not smartest move long term. But it would be fun to watch.

Come to Chicago and we’ll call it even since that bitch ass mf Julius Peppers crossed us years ago

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