Bears fans raging after blown pass interference call on final drive

Bears fans not happy after a bad call

The Chicago Bears were close to playing for overtime or beating the Miami Dolphins in regulation. Quarterback Justin Fields, who had a record-setting day, was moving the ball down the field on the Bears’ final drive. He threw a deep pass to the newly acquired Chase Claypool, who jumped for the ball but could not haul in the catch. The video replay of the jump made Bears fans upset.

Claypool appeared to be grabbed and interfered with by the Dolphins’ coverage team of Keion Crossen and Jevon Holland. The CBS announcers calling the game were perplexed by the play not resulting in a pass interference against the Dolphins. However, no penalty was called, and the Bears failed to convert their next play on fourth down, ending any hope for a comeback.

Fans react on Twitter

Bears fans took to Twitter to vent their anger at the no-call. Here are some of the best takes Sunday afternoon from the no-call:

Anyone blaming Chase Claypool for not catching the ball on this missed PI call should be banned from watching football forever

We got robbed today that was definitely pi on Claypool #BearDown

i cant believe they called pi on the bears for much less contact and when claypool was being grabbed, held down, and tackled in mid air, nothing. disgusting.

Claypool got literally tackled on that play and no PI @NFLOfficiating you can’t tell me he was making a play on the ball!!

How is that not PI? Claypool literally got tackled in the air.

@NFLOfficiating your crews are absolutely pure trash! You call a 💩 PI call in favor of Waddle…..then let a straight bear hug go on Claypool. That game check should not be given cause those dudes are flat out clowns.

Officials jobbed #Bears. No grounding call on Dolphins QB. Bogus PI call on Bears; followed by no PI call on Chase Claypool. #NFL in bed with gambling and allows part time employees to officiate. DISGUSTING!!

@jacobinfante24 What happened to reviewing PI calls? Claypool was hugged by that defender. On two plays the officials totally inserted themselves into the game.

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