Bandcamp Friday meets the World Music Festival

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve assembled a lot of lists for Bandcamp Friday. I like sharing music that’s unfamiliar to people, and the occasion of a Bandcamp Friday—a 24-hour period when the platform passes along its usual cut of sales revenue to the artists and labels who made it a success—seems to encourage fans to take chances on albums or artists that are new to them. 

Bandcamp Friday is also a good excuse to share Reader stories about music available on Bandcamp. The following list of releases links to stories we’ve published since our previous roundup—just click on each title. If you want more Bandcamp-adjacent Reader music coverage, you can start with August’s roundup and follow the trail of links backward. Several of the following albums and songs are by acts at the World Music Festival, which runs through Sunday, October 9. The Reader has put together a comprehensive guide to this year’s fest, which you should definitely spend some time with too.

The Ableist, Staircase Wit

Paolo Angeli, Rade

Angry Blackmen, Reality!

The Arab Blues, The Arab Blues

Beats y Bateria, “Carolina”

Dorothy Carlos, Circuit Spectre

Cha Wa, My People

​​La Chica, La Loba

Justin Demus, Rapture

Discussing the Sun, Feel It All

Ana Everling & David Onderdonk, The Music of Guinga

The Final Solution, Brotherman soundtrack

Fire-Toolz, I Will Not Use the Body’s Eyes Today.

Annie Fish, Weird Like Me

Floatie, Voyage Out

Fran, “So Long”

Gabacho, “Sal de Mar”

Ganser, Nothing You Do Matters

Héctor Guerra, Perreo Cósmico

Holy Western Parallels, Holy Western Parallels

Kaleta & Super Yamba Band, Mèdaho

Sofia Kourtesis featuring Manu Chao, “Estación Esperanza” 

Magma, Kãrtëhl

Kali Malone, The Sacrificial Code

Medicine Singers, Medicine Singers

Midwestlust, split with Sarin

Nicole Mitchell & Fabio Paolizzo, Medusae

Nora Marks, The Buzzing of Flies

​​Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, Odo Sanbra

Juan Pastor Chinchano, El Regreso

Petbrick, Liminal

Praise, All in a Dream

Qwanqwa, Qwanqwa Volume 3

Rosaries, Anomie

Seffarine, De Fez a Jerez

Soft and Dumb, Soft and Dumb

Son Rompe Pera, Batuco

Sonnenzimmer & Coupler, Cat Pose

Soso, The Downs

Sudan Archives, Natural Brown Prom Queen

Tar, Tar Box

Urine Hell, Weakling

David Virelles, Nuna

Warforged, The Grove/Sundial

Yola, Stand for Myself

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