Arizona John: Please stay glued to Fox “News” tonight

Arizona John: Please stay glued to Fox “News” tonight

As most Americans know, all of our major news networks will be carrying the Jan 6 Committee hearings live tonight beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

Some might argue that it’s not all our major news networks because Fox will be adhering to their regular programming schedule, which includes Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and TucKKKer Carlson.

While it’s clear that Fox is a major network, it’s just as clear that they are NOT in the business of news coverage.

Rupert Murdoch himself has said that Fox is there for entertainment, not information. His network defended itself against a defamation suit by saying that no reasonable person could believe TucKKKer’s bullshit.

If viewers expect anything close to the truth from Donnie’s best friend, Sean Hannity, more power to them.

Just because Hannity flew around the country on Donnie’s plane, Has private, late night chats with him, introduced him at rallies, golfs at his clubs and eats 70-year old lobsters at his restaurants doesn’t mean that Sean delivers only biased propaganda.

(Actually, it does)

Ingraham’s brother, Curtis, self-described sibling fact-checker, admitted that their father was a Nazi sympathizer and refers to his sister as malevolent and a monster.

Rounding out Fox’s axis of evil – or troika of treason, if you prefer – will be White supremacist, election denier, Fascist and man who can not be believed about anything, TucKKKer Carlson, who referred to the Jan 6 Committee hearings as grotesque.

If you’re wondering what it is that Fox is struggling so mightily to hide, you’re not alone. The simple answer is that they’re only hiding what they’ve always been hiding; the truth.

Under scrutiny, it might turn out that they’re trying to hide the fact that one or more of the above mentioned lying liars will be implicated in a seditious conspiracy, the second most serious federal crime, after treason.

Whatever the case, I’m advising my long time friend, John, for the sake of his sanity to stay tuned to Fox.

You may remember John telling me that everything was just great, that there was no conspiracy, that the guys who stacked on the Capitol steps in full body armor, helmets and military comm were just idiots who happened to show up for the Capitol tour that day.

Testimony on the NEWS networks will paint quite a different picture.

This will not be leftist spin. It will not be coming from Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates, the squad or any of the foils and scapegoats so conveniently used in Republican talking points to obscure reality.

It was not grown in a peach tree dish, as the erudite Marjorie Taylor Greene might say.

We will be hearing from a film maker who was embedded with the Proud Boys. We will be hearing from Republicans, many part of Donnie’s inner circle, people who were present when plans were made to overturn an election and overthrow our government.

It wasn’t just a bunch of idiots, John. The conspiracy goes from the president to the wife of a Supreme Court justice. This is the type of reality that could rattle your world view into oblivion.

Unlike any of the Real Housewives shows or The Apprentice, this actually will be reality, John. Watch Hannity and save your sanity.

Lamentably, Fox’s lies are extinguishing our democracy.

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