Are the Bears doing it right in 2022, or should something be changed?

The Bears are off to a 2-2 start to begin the season, but is there something a little more important than their record?

The Bears have established a dominant run game to this point in the season. It has not just come against poor defenses, either, as they put up 180 yards on the ground against a solid defense in the Green Bay Packers.

Their run game has been solid, but are they beginning to rely on it a little too much? The Bears are currently running the ball more than double the amount that they are passing the ball. On the season they are averaging 34 rushing attempts a game, compared to just 16.75 pass attempts per game.

Typically a dominant rushing game is something to rely on, but is there a certain reason they should look to throw the ball more?

That potential reason is the fact that they have a 23-year old sophomore quarterback in Justin Fields.

Justin Fields really needs to develop as a passer in the NFL and the current direction of the Bears is not helping him much is that aspect of his game. We already know that Fields is a solid rusher, but it is important to develop his passing game, especially considering the Bears are most likely going to search hard for wide receivers in the free agent market. He has proven that he can sling it, and his arm strength was on display for this beauty of a throw to Mooney down the field.

Maybe the Bears should let Justin Fields pass more than 7 times a game

The Bears are not in a position to compete this year, so it may be best for the Bears to worry more about the development of their young guys.

Bears fans are eager to see improvement from Justin Fields as they do not want a repeat of the Trubisky era. It is not to say Eberflus is doing a poor job, as his job is to do what helps the team to succeed. But, maybe a push from the front office to develop their young arm is something that should be done once it is clear the Bears don’t have a chance to compete with such a young and inexperienced roster.

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