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Between Drake’s sleepy Honestly, Nevermind and Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul,” a lot of people have something to say about house music lately. (And while I can’t say I have thoroughly read every discourse posting, I’ve seen almost no instances of anyone mentioning the fact that several music sites reported rumors of Beyoncé working with house veteran and Chicago native Honey Dijon earlier this year.) Since house music was born in Chicago, and since the Reader has had plenty to say about this homegrown cultural legacy over the years, we’ve rounded up some of our house coverage for you here. Whether you want to wade into the discourse, or want to get a better grasp of a definitive Chicago sound, we hope this gives you a little more insight:

This is just a small sample of the house stories you can find in the Reader archives. For a shortcut to more pieces, you can begin by scrolling through the “house music” tag.

Chosen Few House Music Reunion Picnic

The house music marathon returns this Saturday with sets by Chosen Few DJs Jesse Saunders, Wayne Williams, and Tony Hatchett, among others.

Staff Pick: Best house music DJ

Duane Powell

Hot Times: remembering the house-music underground

A few weeks ago Rhonda Craven found herself laughing at a TV report on a new dance craze, house music. “It was one of those ‘info-tainment’ syndicated shows,” she says. “They were showing scenes from clubs in New York, but nowhere–nowhere at all–did they talk about house music’s real roots.” Those roots are buried deep…

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