An artist’s face becomes public art

An artist’s face becomes public art

Photo courtesy of Morning Do

I generally ignore the suggestions that Instagram sends me; however, I’m glad I chose to act on one of them. Morning Do is the type of account that instantly captivates you. A. Morgan Sayers, the artist, uses her face to unofficially collaborate with artists who have art in place. Clever, to say the least. 

I didn’t waste any time beginning my search for her portraits, as I had already set aside the weekend for mural hunting. It started on a disappointing note, as the first two I was after had been removed. It’s common knowledge that public art can be short-lived, and there were others to find, so moving on!

I messaged Morgan, and she told me the two in Wicker Park were still there, so I jumped on the blue line. I found both of these near the Damen stop (one at the Violet Hour and the other across the street). I love the mix of urban decay and various street art techniques.

I find this project so fascinating that I asked Morgan to share some insight into how it came about. Here’s what she had to say.

“This project has been developing for several years since my introduction to the book “Arte Agora: Art Made, Sold, or Placed in a Public Way,” by Dan X. O’Neil. Early in the pandemic, I began walking many miles each day, observing and documenting the conversations on the walls of the streets of Chicago, which are ever-changing organisms that seem to go unnoticed by the majority of the public. I soon decided that I wanted to be part of this public art conversation, and so my walking artist practice began.”

“Through my work, I can be a part of the fabric of the walls and buildings all around you while hiding in plain sight. I am acutely aware of the space I take up, or don’t take up, and even apologize for taking up, and am appalled to know how many other women do the same. I think about the constant marginalization and objectification of women and their bodies, and how I can be truly seen beyond my appearance alone. How can I possibly alter one’s perception of what a woman and even an artist “should” look like? On social media, how can this work challenge the definitions of visibility? Ultimately, I want my work to exemplify both hearing and speaking, and I hope it encourages viewers to look, listen, and use their own voices in this ongoing conversation.”

I can’t wait to see what she does next. She has already dropped some art in Las Vegas, and I hope it’s there when I visit in the fall. I would be thrilled to find her work in another city/state. Thank you, Morgan, for putting yourself out there!


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