American History After Gore’s 2000 Election Victory

American History After Gore’s 2000 Election Victory

I know. I know. Though some of us still think Al Gore won, turns out–popular-vote-count notwithstanding– he didn’t. (Damn you, breakneck headwinds stirred up by Ralph-Nader blind obstinance, hanging chads and tilted-rightward SCOTUS.) Yet we can still dream, can’t we? So here’s mine. From a 2022 perspective.

Riding the tidal wave of peace, prosperity and budget surpluses conjured by Bill Clinton, (who, it was rumored, had said “no” to all offers of fellatio from female staff), Gore severely gored pushover Bush.

After firing a fusillade of progressive legislative volleys supported by Dem forces in both houses, Gore was faced with his first presidential crisis: 9/11. Within months, Osama Bin Laden was tracked and liquidated in Afghanistan. and the Saudi family forcefully persuaded to permanently cut off their allowance to Wahaabi cultists.

In the Al Gore first term, American’s began to see injections of amelioration on most every surface of the body-politic anatomy. And the booster shots surged on during the following unbroken skein of Democratic party rule.

By 2020, under the two term administrations of Gore, Obama and first-term of Warren, Americans basked in the sunbeams of:.

Stanching the advance of global warming, hence egregious carbon emissions, polar ice melting, acid rain, coral reef deterioration, decline of ecosystems, mass obliteration of flora and fauna species, sullying of air and water quality, decline of aquatic life, dramatically decreasing floods, droughts and forest fires, restoring topsoil health, preserving forests, other wildernesses such a wetlands and, thus, wildlife, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I’m sure

, 50% ownership of electric cars.

. Dramatic increases in solar and tidal energy dramatically raking away air pollution, which resulted in the dramatic dip in pulmonary diseases, birth defects and countless other scourges.

Permanently snuffing out the claims that corporations are individuals, thus eliminating obscenities such as PACs.

. Putting an end to all the crafty financial dodges and grifts of the top one oercent.

. Eliminating all lobbies and political donations above $500 per indivual.

Ending the misbegotten Electoral College voting system (a ruling-class contrivance in the first place).

. As Western European democracies do, banning political-campaign advertising and limiting campaign periods to, say, three months. Plus, during the campaign period, requiring all PBS and news channels to carry civil debates between all candidates for public office.

. Outlawing the production and use of military assault weapons for civilian use.

. Muscling up internet regulations to prohibit deliberate falsehoods…with lawsuit and incarceration consequences.

. As in Western Euopean democracies and elsewhere, instituting full single payer universal healthcare.

In keeping with constitutional church/state separation, enacting full religious- organisation IRS levies, and eliminating government-fund subsidies to any and all private schools (especially schools teaching religious dogmas the rest of us don’t believe in).

, On the premise that anybody qualified for overseeing public education should themselves be well educated: Require all individuals applying for school-board membership to pass an education test that includes knowledge of math, science, language, grammar, history, cultural literacy, etc. (Betty DeVos need not bother applying for any such position.)

. Human gene-editing legally permitted for birth-defect eradication only. (No super-babies created, please.

. U.S. treaties to be honored, not just internationally, but with indigenous tribes as well.

. Infrastructure bills instituted in 200l continue in full force resulting in the world’s top-rated roads, bridges, power grids, etc.

. Voting rights, abortion rights, civil rights, human rights, same-gender marriage rights all upheld by SCOTUS.

.Transgender surgery insurance covered under the national healthcare bill

. Free college tuition for high-achievement low-to-modest family-income students. All student-aid loans covered by low-interest government insurance.

With the successes of national vaccination programs in the collective rear-view mirror, vaccination mandates to be set in motion for any transmissible lethal disease, bacterial or viral . Non-compliance will result in severe fine and denial of free-of-charge treatment by national healthcare system.

. With overpopulation the acknowledged root problem of most all threats to global sustainability, legislation enacted to financially discourage families from having more that two children.

. Marijuana federally legal, as well as grown and sold by the government, this assuring federal balanced budgets annually.

. Restrictions on overfishing and overhunting.

. No drilling on federal land.

. Plus a whole crowd of other upgrades I’ve no doubt overlooked.

All in all , the Gore legacy, I fervently believe, will mark the beginning of Making America Great, er, for the First Time.

p.s. Convicted for massive fraud, an unhinged crooked real-estate don named Don will be continuing his blatant bloviating and dissembling from a prison cell he has occupied for the past twelve years.




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