Accidental Shakespeare Zooms in on a queer pandemic-era Romeo and JulietKerry Reidon May 20, 2021 at 4:40 pm

Director Iris Sowlat uses social isolation as a framework for the lovers; plus PARA.MAR Dance Theatre offers live classes and performances with THAWEN.

In the end, it wasn’t their dueling families that led to Romeo and Juliet’s death—it was a pandemic. In act five, scene two of Romeo and Juliet, we discover that Friar John’s mission to carry a letter from Verona to the banished Romeo in Mantua, letting him know that the reports of Juliet’s death were part of a ruse devised by Friar Laurence to get her out of marrying Paris, has been thwarted by fear of “the infectious pestilence” that has shut down Mantua to outsiders.…Read More

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