Aaron Rodgers’ 22-5 Fatherhood Looks to Be Emancipated By the Bears

The Chicago Bears look to end Aaron Rodgers and the Packers reign over them.

It’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers has utilized his Discount Double Check celebration to a great extent when facing the Chicago Bears. Boasting a 22-5 record against the Bears, Rodgers will look to continue his domination come Sunday Night. However, this is arguably the worst core of receivers that Rodgers has had in recent memory, and no amount of magic mushrooms can fill the hole that Devonte Adams has obviously left within the Packers wide receiver room.

Boy, I hope Aaron Rodgers has figured out how to throw passes to himself because if not, Packers’ games are going to look a whole lot like playing fetch with my dog (miss you Lucy).

The Bears are coming off a thrilling win against Trey Lance and the 49er’s, where the defense was the star of the show in a game the Niner’s were favored by almost a full touchdown. Now, Trey Lance and Aaron Rodgers are on two different levels, but it is always a positive to see a defense keep a budding young star to 166 passing yards. Hopefully Roquan Smith and Chicago can bring that same energy and keep Rodgers and company from celebrations like this one:

“I STILL OWN YOU.” – Aaron Rodgers to Bears fans https://t.co/7S0cuzXJAG

Path of Victory for the Bears:

Being picked as 10 point underdogs, the professionals in Vegas aren’t giving Chicago a very well paved path, but they are giving a path nonetheless. To reach the ultimate end goal of a win, the Bears are going to have to keep some things steady while changing others from their Week 1 dub.

Make the Most of the Packers IL

The Packers are hurting right now, mentally and physically. 3 of the 5 starting offensive lineman for the Pack are listed as questionable as of Thursday, and even if they play on Sunday, they most likely won’t be 100%. This isn’t good for an aging Rodgers, as mobility is not what it used to be. These factors only add to the pain of not having a healthy Allen Lazard on the field, who would be one of Rodgers top receiving targets. Packers head coach Matt LeFluer acknowledged in last week’s post game interview that it was his fault running back Aaron Jones didn’t receive the carries they would have liked, so expect a heavy running game come Sunday night. 

Fields Needs to Figure It Out

There is no reason Justin Fields should be considered one of the bottom quarterbacks in the league, yet he is. The skill set this guy has should allow him to rival more mobile quarterbacks like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Russel Wilson. 8 completed passes for 121 yards might cut it against the 49er’s, but that number needs to be upped if the Bears want a chance at beating Green Bay. Justin Jefferson showed last week that this Packer defense has holes, with 184 receiving yards, and it is up to Fields to get the ball to his receivers to find those holes. 

Defense Keep It Up

The ability to get pressure on Rodgers is going to be the make or break to this game. The future Hall of Famer is already down after his first outing without game changer Devonte Adams, and is most likely feeling the woes of having to use a much less talented receiving core. If the defense can get to him early, and contain the two headed rushing attack of Jones and Dillion, the pressure could weigh enough on Rodgers to get him out of his rhythm. 

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have owned the Bears, and with only 2 wins in the last 17 matchups, Chicago shouldn’t be too thrilled about heading into Cheese Head territory. However, this Green Bay team is not the powerhouse of years past, and Chicago just may have enough up their sleeve to reach the top of this uphill battle.

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