A “Tell” Tale Of Two Cities/Mass Shootings And Chicago V/S Elsewhere

A “Tell” Tale Of Two Cities/Mass Shootings And Chicago V/S Elsewhere

Last June WBEZ investigative reporters did an in-depth analysis of Mass shootings in Chicago. ( See photo) Since 2019 Chicago has endured over 180 mass shootings, more than double of any town, village, or city in America. The death toll so far has reached over 100 murdered and more than 600 have been wounded from mass shootings alone since 2019. This little-known statistic or fact, has come to light once more due to the horrific slaughter that took place in Highland Park, Illinois on the 4th of July. One lone gunman, a rooftop sniper, took the lives of 7 souls and wounded 31 more during a holiday parade.

The outrage was stunning and rightly so. Highland Park is not a gang-infested town with very little criminal behavior to speak of. The outcry was swift and ongoing. The news media coverage was extensive and nationwide. The President weighed in from the White House, and the Vice President quickly came to Chicago the next day and held a press conference calling for yet another ban on assault RIFLES. The Governor of Illinois could not find enough cameras or reporters to express his outrage. Local sports stars were quoted extensively by the media calling for a ban on guns.

In the meantime, Chicago over the 4th of July weekend ended with 12 souls murdered and over 80 people shot. In just 5 1/2 days in July, Chicago has had 2 more mass shootings and over 17 souls murdered and more than 100 people shot, which got as much attention as a firecracker in July.

Since the WBEZ report of June 2021 not one of Chicago’s 180 mass shootings has drawn much media attention, including, no Presidential addresses, no visits by a Vice President, and certainly no mention by Governor Pritzker of Illinois. Chicago and Illinois politicians, who without a doubt are the Champions of Lip service and illusion, are pouring millions of dollars into Violence Interrupter programs and there seems to be very little interrupting going on. Who knows maybe they are off for the summer. The massacre of innocents in Highland Park has in my opinion exposed Chicago as a city that has LOST THE ABILITY TO BE SHOCKED.

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Bob Angone is a Marine VETERAN and a retired Chicago Police Lieutenant. He worked his entire Career covering the streets of Chicago as a Tactical Officer, Tactical Sergeant, and Tactical Lieutenant. His last assignments were in special Functions, he was the C/O of the Chicago Police Swat teams his last five years and was an HBT (Hostage Barricade Terrorist) Sergeant for 10 years.

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