A Shop to Help You Art Up Your Potted Plantson February 16, 2021 at 5:06 pm

In 2018, Damiane Nickles hosted a dinner party in his home, and guests were impressed by his slew of botanicals potted in unique containers. The enthusiasm for his leafy couplings sparked the idea for Not a Plant Shop, an online treasure-trove of unusual decor. “I’m giving people a more curated experience around the culture of indoor houseplants,” says Nickles, 27, who sells both plant and pot together as an artful unit. The self-professed “big thrifter,” who studied design at Syracuse University and previously worked at an urban farm, combs antique malls and flea markets across the Midwest for vessels. A recent peek at his inventory turned up a Fatsia japonica rooted in a swirled drinking glass ($70) and a Rhapis excelsa sitting pretty in a midcentury-modern-style ice bucket ($75). Nickles also works with local makers on unexpected collaborations — for example, Marz Community Brewing Co. cheesemonger Alisha Norris Jones paired a washed bufarolo with a Nickles-selected tray, planter, and plant cutting, all meant to be enjoyed while listening to a mood-setting playlist ($65 for the package). Monstera deliciosa, take me away. notaplantshop.com

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