A liar, a puppet and a beer guzzling rapist walk into a bar…

A liar, a puppet and a beer guzzling rapist walk into a bar…

While the above title may sound like the beginning of a hilarious joke, there’s nothing funny about it. Incredibly, it’s the makeup of our Supreme Court.

While the pejorative liar could apply to most of them, I was specifically referring to Amy Coney Barret in the title. I like puppet and beer guzzling rapist for Thomas and Kavanaugh.

In 1991 Anita Hill accused then-SCOTUS nominee, Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in a hearing before 14 White men.

Hill’s testimony, unlike any we’d ever seen before was both credible and riveting. There is no doubt in my mind that Thomas did exactly what she said he did, which is probably how you feel about O.J. Simpson.

Thomas was (and still is) an egotistical, entitled, misogynistic jerk and that isn’t even the worst of it. He refuses to recuse himself from cases involving his wife’s lucrative lobbying efforts and acts as an avenging angel for her far right religious dogma.

Thomas kept his mouth shut for the first decade of his tenure and that was when he sounded the most intelligent. Like a football linebacker, Thomas needs to let science study his brain for anomalies, atrophy and disease.

Sooner rather than later.

Brett Kavanaugh was accused by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of attempting to rape her at a college party. Like Hill’s, Ford’s testimony was unprecedented, credible and riveting.

Had he succeeded in his attempt to rape the young Ms. Ford, Kavanaugh would indeed have been a rapist, which begs the following questions:

1. Why does a rapist get a pass for being bad at it?

2.Why did we not hear from Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s best friend, accomplice and lookout?

You can read more about Kavanaugh by clicking HERE or HERE.

If this court represents the best we’ve got in jurisprudence, then America is in deep doo doo. Justice Barrett has spent some time trying to convince people that SCOTUS is not just a bunch of political hacks, but her protests ring hollow.

There is modicum of truth though, in that the court is less politically motivated than it is biblically motivated. We’re only about one vote away from something that will make sharia law look like anarchy.

Monday’s leak of a soon-to-be-released ruling that will overturn half a century of human rights (as Hillary Clinton told China, Women’s rights are human rights.) indicates the court will set aside the 1973 landmark decision of Roe v Wade.

In his brief, Justice Sam Alito said that Roe was decided incorrectly in the first place, that the Constitution does not specifically address abortion and it is not deeply rooted in this nation’s history and tradition.

Over 200 million Americans were born after 1973, so Roe v Wade has been the law of the land for their entire lives. I’d say that’s a pretty deeply rooted tradition.

And while abortion is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, neither are AR-15s, although some 10 million of them are legally owned by our countrymen.

Let’s face it, Supreme Court justices are only human and subject to mistakes. In 2008 Antonin Scalia said that the right to bear arms applies to individuals, not just to organized state militias, as SPECIFICALLY STATED in the 2nd Amendment’s first four words: A well organized militia

In 2010 (Citizens United v. FEC) SCOTUS ruled that rich (and very rich) people and corporations could contribute unlimited, untraceable amounts of money to political organizations.

Can you think of any tobacco, oil or pharmaceutical company that would benefit from such a ruling? How about the gun lobby?

Neil Gorsuch was nominated by Donnie Trump to replace Antonin Scalia after Moscow Mitch McConnell delayed the nomination process for a year to prevent then-President Barack Obama from executing his constitutionally mandated duty to appoint a justice.

Swing voter Anthony Kennedy was replaced by beer guzzling rapist, Brett Kavanaugh after a sham trial exposed Kavanaugh’s assault on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Lying liar Amy Coney Barrett replaced the cherished Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a confirmation process rushed through by McConnell, who used an excuse completely contradictory to the one he used to rob Barrack Obama of a nomination.

If ever there was an illegitimate Supreme Court, this is it. It’s composed of two judges who shouldn’t have been appointed by the previous president and misogynist who was narrowly confirmed (52-48) and should have had his nomination withdrawn by then-President Bush (41).

They use their shadow docket to rule on cases having massive impact, but without the requirement of any reasoning whatsoever.

In a country where we have limited maternity care for the poor, no federally mandated paid maternity or family leave, no universal health care or subsidized child care, we just made life a living hell for a girl who may be raped by her father and forced to carry that baby to full term.

There’s more than a tiny bit of irony in the fact that the same folks who don’t think that they should be forced to wear a mask or get a vaccine to save theirs or other’s lives are now rejoicing that state governments will soon control women’s uteruses.

I wish someone could explain to me how any of that is pro-life.

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