A football-free weekend? Here’s how happy you are (hint: not very) about that

Is it nice to have a break from football this weekend? To get outside in the fresh, if nippy, air? To take a walk, meet a neighbor or spend some time in quiet contemplation? To interact with offspring and significant others — what a concept — on Sunday?

That was question No. 1 in this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter. The answer, God bless America, was a hard no.

We also asked if oldster Tom Brady, retired again, will unretire at some point and give NFL quarterbacking another whirl. Most voters said no to that, too.

Finally, we asked which of Jerry Reinsdorf’s teams is a bigger disappointment: the 2022 White Sox or this season’s Bulls.

“The Sox were massively hurt all year long,” @itsbaseballkid commented. “The Bulls don’t have that excuse.”

The Sox, though, far outpaced the Bulls in the voting.

“Had someone told them they actually have to play AND win the games as compared to showing up with a false sense of entitlement, things may have been different,” wrote @FatDudeRunning. “More simply put, the Sox were projected as World Series favorites. Nobody had those expectations for the Bulls.”

On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: Is it nice to have a break from football this weekend?

Upshot: With results like these, one wonders how we function as a society during those awful months of the year when the NFL and college football aren’t in session. Wait, do we function as a society then? Or ever? Never mind.

Poll No. 2: Will 45-year-old Tom Brady, who announced his retirement (again) on Wednesday, play in the NFL again?

Upshot: Four out of five believe Brady this time when he says he’s hanging it up for good? Do four out of five also believe Aaron Rodgers will blow off $59 million instead of playing again in 2023? And that Rep. George Santos will compete for the U.S. volleyball squad at the Paris Olympics in 2024? Just kidding, friends — Brady’s probably done. “He can finally join AARP!” @JBIRD1268 cracked.

Poll No. 3: Which team was/is more disappointing, the 2022 White Sox or the 2022-23 Bulls?

Upshot: The Bulls blow giant leads, lose to rotten teams, often play without any intensity whatsoever and seem bound for — at best — the play-in tournament. And they’re the team that received only one-fourth of the vote? Yikes, Sox.

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