5 sign-and-trade packages if Zach LaVine leaves the Chicago BullsRyan Heckmanon May 26, 2022 at 11:00 am

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This summer, the Chicago Bulls face a critical offseason.

After last offseason seeing a ton of changes for the Bulls, personnel-wise, now they have a couple of big situations they’re faced with just a year later.

The Bulls made the postseason this past season, and at one point were in first place in the Eastern Conference. Things were good — real good. But, as the year went on, the Bulls were hampered by one key injury: point guard Lonzo Ball being lost for the season. Over the next few months, that might just be the biggest question regarding the Bulls. When will Ball be back?

Aside from the health of Ball, though, the Bulls have one huge free agent of their own — All Star guard Zach LaVine. While he can make more if he stayed in Chicago, LaVine has gone on record saying he’ll enjoy the free agency experience. But, what if he ultimately chooses to leave?

If Zach LaVine chose to leave, the Chicago Bulls should be prepared with some sign-and-trade offers.

Last year, we saw the sign-and-trade become ultra popular amongst teams with free agent players. It was actually pretty incredible what some teams were able to pull off.

The Bulls were able to land DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball in a sign-and-trade, in fact, and we could see even more of those types of deals in the coming weeks.

Free agency will officially kick off on July 1. So, the Bulls have just about five weeks until they are faced with a big decision. To be frank, it’s up to LaVine. But, the Bulls must offer him the max if they want him to stay.

Again, if he doesn’t stick around, Chicago could revert to a sign-and-trade option. Which teams could make sense for this type of trade? There are five, specifically.

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