5 fears or frustrations Chicago Bears fans will always haveTodd Welteron May 20, 2022 at 3:00 pm

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The Chicago Bears have a new general manager and head coach to fix a mess of a team left by the previous GM and head coach.

Going back to January 1993 when the Chicago Bears fired legendary head coach Mike Ditka, that seems to be a repeating theme.

Prior general manager Ryan Pace left new GM Ryan Poles with a mess of a salary cap, a lack of draft picks, and a roster thin on elite talent.

Previous head coach Matt Nagy left new head ball coach Matt Eberflus with more questions than answers at quarterback with the lack of development of young quarterback Justin Fields.

This sounds familiar as in 1999, 2004, 2012, and 2014. Poles is playing the long game approach in overhauling the roster capable of reliving the glory days of the Ditka era.

Yet, many Chicago Bears fans are fearful that this off-season is already setting up Justin Fields to fail. Logic and reason have been cast aside.

The “Bears have no weapons and are hanging Justin Fields out to dry” narrative has become firmly embedded in public consciousness

It’s rooted in fact, but it’s being repeated and repeated without any critical thought as to why it’s the case (they have no $$ or draft capital!!)

— Jeremy Layton (@JeremyLayt0n) May 6, 2022

The problem is Chicago Bears fans have seen this before. We witnessed Jay Cutler not living up to expectations in part because he was never given great weapons until 2013. By then, Marc Trestman was head coach, and the great defenses of the previous decade were long in the tooth that held Cutler back from getting back into the playoffs.

Chicago Bears fans also saw a game that featured Mike Glennon at quarterback with Deonte Thompson, Kendall Wright, Tanner Gentry, and Josh Bellamy at wide receiver.

So Bears fans have seen bad offenses before. We fear it because deep down we keep giving up three hours of our day to watch mostly bad football for nearly a generation now.

Since 1993, the Chicago Bears are 217-248 with five division titles, a 4-7 record in 11 playoff games, and a Super Bowl loss in 2006.

Poles is not the first general manager to come in and try to take a prudent approach. Jerry Angelo had some success but he lost his draft touch and could never properly put together a good offense to make it sustainable. The Bears had more mediocre seasons than great with his approach.

Poles’ first boss in Kansas City was failed former Bears general manager Phil Emery. That name will always live in infamy for how he cratered the team with his decisions.

Poles does project confidence and a plan where his former mentor did not, so he has that going for him. Plus, Poles has been mentored by more than just Emery. He does seem to have an idea of how to build a team the right way.

#Bears have to revamp their roster “the right way,” Ryan Poles told @mullyhaugh.

Listen to the full interview here: https://t.co/XLm9kjRAQI pic.twitter.com/oJVhtNFDCI

— 670 The Score (@670TheScore) May 6, 2022

Still, Bears fans have been burned too many times in the past, making it hard to trust a plan. I am not trying to speak for all Bears fans here. In my 40 years of Bears fandom, I have noticed some emotional patterns that my fellow diehards have had when it comes to this franchise.

Unless when it comes to the running back or the defense, Chicago Bears fans have certain fears, frustrations, or skepticisms that are just hard to overcome-especially over the past 30 years.

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