5 Areas to Check Out if You’re Moving to Logan Squareon April 7, 2021 at 3:11 pm

Thinking of making a change? Do you wish you could walk to the park in 5 minutes, or that there was somewhere just around the corner to grab good coffee? Logan Square has no shortage of things to do, convenient public transit, pleasant side streets, and parks. If you’re not sure of where to look for your dream apartment, here are a couple of spots to get you started:

California and Milwaukee

The intersection itself is pretty busy, but the neighborhood surrounding is a great place to be. There’s a Blue Line stop here for extremely convenient transportation, and you’ll only be a few minutes east of Palmer Square Park and south of Haas (Joseph) Park. Within just the Fullerton-California-Milwaukee triangle, you’ll find the excellent vegetarian Chicago Diner, cafe and music venue Cafe Mustache, and the Revolution Brewpub

Though Logan Boulevard (which loops around the park) is widely considered to be a harrowing driving experience, the area both in and around Logan Square Park is beautiful and full of things to do. Coffee shops and eateries like New Wave Coffee and Longman & Eagle line nearby streets, and Logan Theatre is just steps away. Art gallery and music venue Comfort Station maintains a small but mighty presence in the park itself. Transportation is easy here, with the Logan Square Blue Line stop sitting just north of the park.

Kedzie and Armitage

Another intersection that’s hopping on a Friday night, Kedzie and Armitage is adjacent to relatively quiet, tree-lined residential streets. Walk northeast of here and you’ll run into pleasant spots like the Whipple Community Garden amid the apartments and houses. Northwest, Maple Playlot Park sits just off of Spaulding. When you want to liven things up, Scofflaw will be sitting right on the southwest corner waiting for you, and the 606 Trail is just a few blocks south.

Living in the area that sits north of North Avenue, south of the 606 (and de Burgos Park), east of Kedzie and west of Humboldt Boulevard, you’ll be surrounded by green spaces while tucked into a quiet residential area. Not only is the 606 Trail extremely close, but Humboldt Park (encompassing Humboldt Park Lagoon, basketball courts, tennis courts, a bird and butterfly sanctuary, and more) is just across North Avenue. 

This area of Logan Square overlaps with parts of Belmont Gardens and Irving Park, and guarantees a sizable green space within easy walking distance of tons of places to live. A little further from the highway and the Blue Line, Kosciuszko Park and its surrounding neighborhood provide plenty of places to hang out (including La Catrina and Brew Brew Coffee) without quite so much hustle and bustle.

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