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The Chicago Bears are headed into this off-season with plenty of question marks. They have some assets that can help them make it happen.

That includes the most cap space in the NFL in addition to the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Each of these things is going to very much help them build a better future.

The biggest thing that they need to do ahead of training camp is to make sure that Justin Fields is much more comfortable.

He needs better protection from his offensive line and he needs more weapons at his disposal. A better wide receiver room is one of the things.

Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals might be an option via trade this year. The Chicago Bears could absolutely use an elite receiver like that so if he is available, they should be all over it. They could land him in one of these three trades:

Bears Get
Tee Higgins
Bengals Get
Future Second-Round Pick
Future Sixth-Round Pick
Eddie Jackson

The Chicago Bears might be able to make this deal without a first involved.

The Chicago Bears might be able to get Tee Higgins for relatively cheap all things considered. If there was a deal that didn’t involve a future first-round pick, it might be a package like this.

A future second-round pick and a future sixth-round pick in addition to Eddie Jackson might be worth it for a receiver that can really help Justin Fields take it to the next level.

Jackson has been a great player for the Chicago Bears but he would be much better suited for a defense that is ready to win now and that is what the Bengals have. This trade would help him just as much as it helps the bears load up on offense.

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