The Chicago Bears have big fish to fry this off-season. They are the team with the most money to spend against the cap, the team with the number one pick in the draft, and the team that has a fanbase the most starving for a winner.

Over the weekend, we saw Championship Sunday take place and it was a wild ride. Each matchup was incredibly hard to pick before the games began for a variety of reasons but the outcomes aren’t very surprising in the end.

For the NFC, the Philadelphia Phillies took down the San Francisco 49ers in blowout fashion. 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy became famous this season as he was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2022 NFL Draft but he won seven straight NFL games coming into this match on Sunday.

Unfortunately, he got hurt on a play rather early in the game. He was replaced by Josh Johnson who is the fourth quarterback used by San Francisco this season but he got hurt as well. Purdy eventually came back into the game but he was unable to throw the ball.

We should find out for sure what the actual injury to Purdy is soon but it was obviously something that hindered the 49ers and their chance to win.

The Chicago Bears should be watching and learning from these amazing teams.

Over in the AFC, the Cincinnati Bengals paid the Kansas City Chiefs a visit with a chance to advance to the Super Bowl on the line for the second straight year. With Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes going up against one another, you knew it would be amazing.

Of course, it was. It was tied 20-20 in the final minutes of the game and both teams had a chance to win it. The Chiefs, however, found a way to get it done by kicking a game-winning field goal to advance to the Super Bowl. It will be the Chiefs vs the Eagles.

This is going to be a truly sensational game to end what was a very fun season. As Bears fans, we can’t help but wonder what it would take for our team to reach this point sometime soon.

If they could mimic one of the teams that will be playing in two weeks, it is the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a mobile quarterback in Jalen Hurts that can make plays with his feet. He has been developing his throwing abilities but everyone knows how he wins so well in this league.

Justin Fields can absolutely become what Hurts is but he is a better runner and you never know what his arm develops into. The Bears should try and build around him and his style of play the same way Philly did with Hurts.

Having an outstanding offensive line and a great defense has really helped him as well but that would help any quarterback. Adding a superstar wide receiver like AJ Brown to the mix also gives him significantly better weaponry as everyone slots down a spot.

If the Bears can realize this sometime soon and build it in a similar fashion, they could become the kings of the NFC North which will give them a chance in the postseason.

Something to think about is the fact that all four remaining teams over the weekend, including the Eagles, had offensive head coaches. The Bears have a defensive head coach. That is something that may need to be thought about when it comes to developing Justin Fields.

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