We cannot get to the 2023 NFL Draft fast enough. The rumors are flying. Reports are swirling. Yet, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has to be as calm and collected as ever, kicking his feet up and ready for phone calls.

The Bears, of course, own the no. 1 overall pick in the draft this year and, if all common logic plays out, they’ll trade the pick for an immense haul of draft capital.

The biggest question for the past couple of weeks, though, has been just where the Bears will trade that pick? As of right now, there are several suitors who would do just about anything to move up and select Alabama quarterback Bryce Young.

One of those teams is the Indianapolis Colts. General manager Chris Ballard went on record saying he’d do “whatever it takes” to get that no. 1 pick if it meant he was convinced that the right quarterback was there for his franchise.

However, a rival team of Indianapolis might just try and spoil the party.

“I don’t think they (Houston) will sit at two. I think they’ll do everything they can, and the Colts are going to be the driving reason.”

– ESPN analyst Todd McShayhttps://t.co/Kqhgs68M6z

— Bears Talk (@NBCSBears) January 27, 2023

The Chicago Bears are going to watch a royal rumble unfold for their number one overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

This couldn’t possibly get any better for Poles and the Bears. He’s going to see a couple of division rivals go at each other’s throats over the pick he’s holding in his hand.

For the Bears, they are already looking at a possible franchise quarterback in their own building with Justin Fields. All that’s left is to get the kid some decent protection and some more weaponry at his disposal.

With the type of draft haul Poles could be looking at, the Bears should easily be able to come away with the necessary help in just a single offseason — especially because of two teams, who happen to be division rivals, fighting over the same pick.

This is truly a golden opportunity for Poles and the Bears.

Boy, to be a fly on the wall of Poles’ office for the next two months … that opportunity would be priceless.

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