4 veteran free agents the Chicago Bears should look at before campRyan Heckmanon July 7, 2022 at 1:30 pm

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Just 19 days from now, the Chicago Bears will take the field for training camp.

It will be the first time these Bears have all gotten together under the new regime, partaking in padded practices and really gearing up for the coming season. New general manager Ryan Poles has his first legitimate chance at seeing the product he has helped put together.

New head coach Matt Eberflus has preached speed, hard work, high character and a whole lot of running. Now, we’ll see a lot of that in action on the daily. July 26 is the day it all begins for these Bears, who are not being picked to go very far by most experts.

That’s all good and well, especially considering this is a team amidst a full-on rebuild. Poles inherited a roster with some aging veterans and a lack of future capital, therefore is was necessary to yield and completely build this from the ground-up. But, before camp kicks off, the Bears could still add a little more talent.

The Chicago Bears would do themselves a strong service by adding a couple of key free agents before training camp opens up on July 26.

There are still some positions where the Bears are either weak or have a lack of depth. Again, this isn’t a team competing for a Super Bowl in 2022. However, every team should be trying to win games — and by adding more talent, the Bears would at least be appeasing their fan base, attempting to get better.

This is going to be the year of Justin Fields. It is year number two for Fields, and expectations are high, even though Poles hasn’t exactly given him an all star cast to work with.

There are no elite names still available at any position, but the Bears still have some free agent options to make this team better as a whole. This is a young team, and hopefully a team that will be on the rise after the 2022 campaign. But, there are a few veterans out there who could be of assistance in furthering the positive future of this franchise.

Four key players should be looked at by Poles and his guys before camp kicks off, starting with a familiar face for the new GM.


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