4 Chicago Bears players who will not return after 2022 seasonRyan Heckmanon June 3, 2022 at 11:00 am

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This year, the Chicago Bears have undergone more changes than they have seen in recent years. It all started with the end-of-season press conference.

George McCaskey and Ted Phillips admitted, without bluntly admitting, that the latter would take more of a back seat and that whomever took the place of Ryan Pace would report directly to McCaskey, yet have control.

Then, in came Ryan Poles. The first-year general manager came in from one of the best franchises in the NFL in recent years, in Kansas City. Bears fans were quick to jump to conclusions, wishing and hoping he could help Chicago find similar success to the Chiefs — and soon.

Following Poles, the coaching staff was assembled around Matt Eberflus and the roster began taking shape. But, the changes are far from over — and there will be even more next year.

The Chicago Bears will look even more different in 2023, as many players will no longer be back with the team after 2022.

The Bears already cut ties with so many veterans this year. The Ryan Pace era is slowly coming to an end, but the roster still has a few of his imprints.

Now, obviously Justin Fields isn’t going anywhere. But, very few players from the Pace era are considered safe. Come the 2023 offseason, this team is going to have even more new faces than it does right now — and that’s a good thing.

So, who on this current Bears roster will survive past the 2022 season? Will there be many left from the 2021 team?

In short, no. But, there are four key contributors who will likely play their last game with the Bears during this coming season. Next year, they will be gone.

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