3 Willson Contreras trade packages with the New York MetsVincent Pariseon June 23, 2022 at 1:00 pm

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The Chicago Cubs are probably salivating at the idea of trading with the New York Mets again. They owned them at the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline when they sent them Javier Baez in a trade that returned Pete Crow Armstrong to Chicago.

New York is currently in a ‘win the World Series at all costs” mode right now. They will give up big-time prospects to get what they think they need on the trade deadline. Their owner, Steve Cohen, also has no issue with paying guys once they come over.

One player that the Cubs might be forced to trade this season is Willson Contreras. He has been one of the best catchers (both offensively and defensively) in the league over the last few years. He has one year left on his contract and the Cubs don’t seem to be interested in an extension.

Of course, Contreras is an all-time great Cubs player as he was one of the key pieces to the 2016 World Series championship team. Saying goodbye isn’t going to be easy for Cubs fans but they already dealt with it a lot in 2021.

The Chicago Cubs may consider moving Willson Contreras to the New York Mets.

The fact that he is a catcher makes his market a little bit smaller than it otherwise would be if he played any other position. He also has the ability to play other positions as his bat is truly the key but most teams would probably want to use him as a catcher.

Those aforementioned New York Mets would love to add a guy like this. They are one of the elite teams that need a catcher before the postseason. This potential trade is a perfect match for both sides if you think about it deeply. These are the three Willson Contreras Mets trades to consider:


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