3 teams connected to Chicago Bulls free agent Zach LaVineRyan Heckmanon May 24, 2022 at 9:30 pm

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Less than a month from now, the Chicago Bulls will be on the clock with the no. 18 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Shortly thereafter, the NBA free agency madness begins. We may be a few weeks away from free agency, but the rumors have already begun.

There is no bigger story in Chicago, this summer, than the whereabouts of Zach LaVine at the end of free agency.

LaVine can stay in Chicago and make upwards of $210+ million on a max deal. If he left to sign somewhere else, LaVine would only make roughly $150 million. So, why on earth would he want to leave?

There is no easy or short answer there. While rumors swirl, we can only assume that LaVine is going to take his time and enjoy free agency, ultimately making the best decision for him.

Recently, there have been some select teams mentioned in connection to Chicago Bulls free agent guard Zach LaVine.

Chicago sports fans all over the world have seen, heard, read and watched plenty of national media chime in on their teams over the last couple of years and for various reasons. Now, they are not always right, even though many members of the media have been given the “expert” label.

Remember last year, when DeMar DeRozan signing in Chicago was labeled the worst offseason move?

That didn’t work out so well. However, there are some more rumors surfacing within the national media this week — and Bulls fans should definitely pay attention.

In a recent piece written by Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, LaVine’s free agency was addressed in a way that suggests there could be a few specific teams lining up to make a move or two in order to land the Chicago guard in free agency.

Along with a couple of those teams, there is another one that’s been in the rumor mill as of late, too. Three particular teams could be getting ready to make a move for LaVine, and have all been linked to him as of late.

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