3 SEC players for Chicago Bears to target in second roundVincent Pariseon April 23, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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The Chicago Bears are a very bad franchise. For a long time, they have been mostly poor on the field with a couple of one-off years where they make it to the postseason and then get creamed in the first round. We can only hope that the new regime in place can help them change those ways.

Matt Eberflus is going into his first season with the Chicago Bears as head coach in 2022. He will use the team that new general manager Ryan Poles puts together for him. It will all start for them in the 2022 NFL Draft later this upcoming week. It is always an exciting time for everyone.

The past regime was not good at this stuff at all. Ryan Pace made a couple of smart moves in the later rounds but they were not good at hitting early in the draft at all. That is a problem because that is where most of the super-elite talent is available to you.

The jury is still out on Justin Fields but besides him, Roquan Smith is the only first-round pick that Ryan Pace made worth speaking of. All of the rest were complete busts. Smith came from the University of Georgia which is one of the best football programs in the country.

The SEC could provide the Chicago Bears with plenty of great talent in 2022.

Georgia plays in the SEC which is the best football conference in the NCAA. They, year after year, have five of the ten best teams in the country with four other “power five’ conferences trying to keep up.

The 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship was played between Georgia and Alabama, two SEC schools just playing a rematch of the SEC Championship game. Other teams like Lousiana State, Auburn, Florida, and Ole Miss amongst others produce quality NFL players year after year as well while they try to win big.

The Bears should consider taking a few SEC players with their second-round picks. They have two of them to use and these three players might be worth looking at in those spots:

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