3 reasons the Chicago Bulls must make a trade for Rudy GobertRyan Heckmanon June 16, 2022 at 3:00 pm

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For the next couple of weeks, we are going to hear a lot more rumors and rumblings around this topic. Until the 2022 NBA Draft passes and free agency officially kicks off July 1, you can expect the Chicago Bulls to continue finding themselves in headlines.

One of the main headlines you’ll continue to read will involve Utah Jazz center and 3-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert.

For a couple of weeks now, Gobert has been linked to a couple of teams in trade rumors, and the Bulls have been mentioned as one of them by multiple sources.

The Gobert trade rumors will keep on gaining steam over the coming days, but what Chicago would give up remains to be seen.

If Rudy Gobert is truly an option for the Chicago Bulls, then Arturas Karnisovas needs to make it happen.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, the Bulls will at least put their foot down if Utah asks for Patrick Williams in a deal for Gobert. Williams appears to be one piece the Bulls are unwilling to move.

Nikola Vucevic will of course be involved in any deal for Gobert, but beyond Vucevic, what else would it take? More than likely, Chicago would have to include a first-round pick. If Utah would take this year’s no. 18 pick along with Vucevic and, say, Coby White, then the Bulls should waste no time in accepting that deal.

White is also a name who has been mentioned in many trade rumors as of late. It looks like the Bulls will try to package he and the no. 18 pick in the coming days, but no one is quite sure for what in return. Could White be included in the deal for Gobert? Maybe.

Now, why would the Bulls want to trade for Gobert? Some fans hate the thought of bringing in the disgruntled center, while others love it. In short, the Bulls need to make this trade. But, here are three good reasons why.


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