3 prospects for Chicago Blackhawks to consider in 2nd roundVincent Pariseon July 7, 2022 at 11:00 am

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The Chicago Blackhawks are going into the 2022 NHL Draft with needs just about everywhere. There could be some big trades involved as well but the Hawks need to get their organization headed in the right direction. Drafting well is the best way to do that.

They traded their first-round pick in this draft to the Columbus Blue Jackets in the deal that sent Seth Jones to Chicago. They could have landed a first-round pick from the Minnesota Wild (Marc-Andre Fleury trade) if they reached the conference finals but they were out in the first round of the playoffs.

Now, that pick remains a second-rounder so they have two picks in day two’s opening round. Their own pick landed at 38 and Minnesota’s pick is at 57. There is no doubt that the Blackhawks could find some diamonds in the rough with these selections.

The best teams in the National Hockey League are all good at drafting in rounds outside of the first. The Hawks have struggled to draft at all lately so this needs to be the year where they turn things around.

Kyle Davidson will be in charge of this draft for the first time so there is hope that things will get better with Stan Bowman gone. There could be a trade to get themselves back in the first round which would be really nice for them but for now their first pick will come in the second round.

Anything can happen with a draft class which is partially what makes it exciting. It is also what makes it scary. These are three really good players for Chicago to consider with their second-round picks:


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