3 possible trade packages for the Chicago Bulls to land John CollinsRyan Heckmanon June 21, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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Any moment now, there could be yet another huge report coming out of the NBA. The Chicago Bulls very well may be the center of that report, too, if the last couple of weeks are any indication.

Recently, we have seen plenty of reports and rumors come out in reference to the Bulls and their possible offseason moves. One of the big topics is that of Utah Jazz star big man Rudy Gobert and his impending trade out of Salt Lake City.

The Bulls aren’t just in on Gobert, though. They could be targeting a different big man via trade as well: Atlanta Hawks star forward John Collins.

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, Collins is as likely to be traded as ever. And, just as we’ve heard about Gobert, there have been rumors that the Bulls are interested in acquiring Collins.

John Collins could make the Chicago Bulls even more of a contender in the Eastern Conference.

The Hawks forward is just 24 years old and averages over 16 points and eight rebounds per game throughout his career, also adding in a block each night. He is in the midst of a 5-year contract worth $125 million, which actually seems fairly inexpensive considering how high star salaries are becoming.

The Bulls also have to pay free agent guard Zach LaVine a maximum deal to stay in Chicago, therefore making the salary work going forward could be tricky. However, a trade for Collins could still get done.

What’s interesting about a Collins deal is that the Bulls likely keep Nikola Vucevic, creating a “big four,” so to speak.

Just how would the Bulls be able to land Collins? It could get somewhat tricky, but there are three scenarios that work out financially.


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