3 moves that give Chicago Cubs fans nightmares to this day

The Chicago Cubs have made some decisions in recent memory that are leaving a sour taste

With it being spooky season and all what better time to discuss some moves that the Chicago Cubs front office made that haunt Cubs fans worldwide? Now before we get into it, this is not a piece that is slamming the current regime and demanding change in lieu of these moves. Jed Hoyer and the rest of his team have actually been pretty solid all things considered especially given the fact that he has Theo Epstein-sized shoes to fill. Now that we cleared that up, here is the 1st frightening move that raises the hair on the back of Cubs fans’ necks.

The Andrew Chafin trade

The Chicago Cubs sent Andrew Chafin packing to Oakland back in 2021 for outfielder Greg Deichman and right-handed pitcher Daniel Palencia. Now I am not sure what is scarier, the return for Chafin or the fact that Chafin has kept rolling since he left Chicago. Greg Deichman was designated for assignment in August this year after hitting .214 in 78 games. Daniel Palencia had a 3.94 ERA and a solid 11.7 SO/9 in his first full professional season in Low and high A this year but is probably not part of the Chicago Cubs future anytime soon.

As for Andrew Chafin the mustached wonder has been phenomenal since leaving Chicago. With Oakland, he put up an unheard-of 1.53 ERA, and in 2022 with Detroit he pitched to the tune of a 2.83 ERA which is the 3rd best mark of his career in a full season. Chafin also saw a tick-up in his strikeout numbers in 2022 posting his highest SO/9 clip since 2020.

The Cubs are in win now mode and while the Cubs bullpen wasn’t horrendous this year having Chafin in it probably could have netted them a few more wins here and there. Now they can only hope to add a left-handed bullpen threat like Chafin through free agency.

Losing Anthony Rizzo

Trading Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees will probably go down as one of the most heartbreaking trades in Chicago Cubs history. Rizzo was a massive fan favorite and was truly one of a kind. Yes it was a good idea to trade him at the time in 2021 since contract negotiations went down the toilet and get some value instead of letting him walk for nothing but still, Rizzo will forever be etched into Chicago Cubs history.

The trade itself was actually a pretty good one for the Chicago Cubs. They got a top 100 prospect in Kevin Alcantara whom had a great season at low A this year and is truly looking the part as a top prospect. They also received pitching prospect Alexander Vizcaino who get this, did not show up this year. Yup, that’s right he literally did not show up to spring training this year. So essentially this trade was Rizzo for Alcantara straight up which is pretty good value for the Cubs even with Vizcaino being a non-factor.

This is the scary part Cubs fans. Chicago had a chance to absolutely fleece the Yankees. When the trade took place Rizzo was a rental for New York. Meaning the Cubs had a chance to gain a top 100 prospect for nothing if they brought back Rizzo in the offseason.

Instead the Cubs front office passed up on this lucrative opportunity and Rizzo went ahead and hit 32 home runs for the Yankees, his most since 2017, to go along with his gold glove defense. A total that would have led all Cubs hitters this season. So long as the Cubs don’t have a consistent option at first base and Rizzo is still producing the way he is this trade will continue to make Cubs fans sleep with the lights on at night.

Look away Cubs fans this is the worst of the worst

The move that takes the cake as the most horryfing move the Chicago Cubs have made in recent memory is easily the Kyle Schwarber ordeal. After the 2020 season the Cubs decided to save some money by non-tendering slugger Kyle Schwarber and boy did he make them pay. Directly following this move Schwarber signed with the Washington Nationals and promptly notched his first all star appearance.

Since leaving the Chicago Cubs Schwarber has launched 78 home runs and that is even with spending a good chunk of time on the IL so that number should be even higher. This year Schwarber is a huge part of why the Phillies are currently in the World Series. He led the National League with 46 big flys and added 94 RBIs and made his second career all star appearance.

Once again the Cubs had a chance to reunite a fan favorite with the team this past offseason. After having a career year in 2021 Schwarber was a free agent and Jed Hoyer simply gawked at the opportunity to add him to the mix. Im sure watching highlights of Kyle absolutely punishing baseballs in Philly this year was just pure torture for Cubs fans.

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