3 Chicago Cubs who should be traded by 2022 deadlineVincent Pariseon May 28, 2022 at 11:00 am

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The Chicago Cubs are not a very good baseball team at all. They currently sit at 18-26 which is good for the third-worst record in the National League. Times are hard for them right now as they have no chance of competing for the playoffs this year.

They just split a series 2-2 with the Cincinnati Reds who might have the worst team in the history of the league this year. It feels even worse since they lost that last game 20-5 which is just a disgusting disgrace for them.

Change is needed on the north side in every way. They traded away a majority of their core in 2021 which didn’t make the fans super happy but they clearly need to rebuild this thing. They shouldn’t be done moving players either. These are three players that need to be gone before the 2022 MLB trade deadline:


Frank Schwindel

1B/DH, Chicago Cubs

It is time for the Chicago Cubs to get something for Frank Schwindel in a trade.

The Chicago Cubs replaced Anthony Rizzo at first base with Frank Schwindel in 2021 and he lit the world on fire. Although a bit older than most rookies, he was one of the most impactful first-year players in the entire league despite playing only half of the year.

They probably should have traded him during the offseason because his value was as high as it was ever going to get but they might be able to salvage that now. He was so bad to start the year that he was sent down to AAA but he only spent a day or so down because of injury.

When he came back, he started to hit the ball again and has possibly saved his season in the MLB. Now, the Cubs should really be shopping him to see if a contender would take a chance on him to bring depth to their lineup.

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