3 Chicago Blackhawks trades that get them back into first roundVincent Pariseon May 27, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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The Chicago Blackhawks were a very bad team in 2021-22. They didn’t come in last place in the Central Division because of the disgrace that is the Arizona Coyotes organization but the Hawks were still really bad too. It is going to be a long time before they are good again.

In order to be good again, they need to work on rebuilding their roster. This isn’t it. They keep bringing in veterans that they think can get them back into the playoffs and it keeps failing over and over again.

They acquired Seth Jones last offseason and gave up their 2022 first-round pick in order to do so. That is a move that a team one step away from a Stanley Cup makes but for some reason, Stan Bowman decided to do that. They made it even worse when they gave him a very lucrative extension that is going to make it hard to navigate the cap.

Since being hired to replace Bowman as the General Manager, Kyle Davidson has since been trying to get back into the first round. They traded Marc-Andre Fleury to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a second-round pick that could become a first.

The Chicago Blackhawks could try to sneak back into the first round of the draft.

Of course, Minnesota was eliminated by the St. Louis Blues in the first round so no first-round pick for the Hawks. They still might try to get back into the opening round, however, and they have some assets that could help them out with that. These three trades could get the Hawks back into the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft:

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