3 Chicago Blackhawks defensemen to trade away right nowVincent Pariseon August 19, 2022 at 8:00 pm

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The Chicago Blackhawks are taking and rightfully so. There is a kid at the top of the 2023 NHL Draft that is being labeled as generational but you need to win the lottery in order to select him. However, the top three of the draft isn’t short of star prospects.

In order to get one of those players, Chicago needs to be one of the worst teams in the league. It appears that is the direction that they are going in at the moment. They have already made some big trades and more are likely on the way.

Throughout the season, we might see some of the stars traded away. However, there are a few defensemen to trade away right now before the season gets underway. The Blackhawks might be able to get some nice assets for these guys if they made a move like that.

It won’t be fun to see some of these players go as they are great but contenders could very well make it worth it in the end. These are the three defensemen that the Chicago Blackhawks could move before the season begins:


Connor Murphy

D, Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks should move Connor Murphy as soon as they can.

The Chicago Blackhawks have a very nice player in Connor Murphy. He is a player that you can win with when he is healthy which is why they should move him right now. If he gets hurt or has a bad start to the year because of how bad the team is, it will be hard to get the most for him.

There are plenty of teams out there who could use a great second-pair guy like this. He can provide someone some great depth if they are expecting to have a big season in 2022-23.

They would be a much worse team without him but that is kind of the point. As the season draws closer, someone might come calling and they should take full advantage of it.


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