3 Chicago Bears training camp battles that will be fun to watchRyan Heckmanon July 12, 2022 at 11:00 am

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One thing many are saying about these Chicago Bears is that they have done a poor job under first-year general manager Ryan Poles thus far. Considering their offseason, whether it be in free agency or the 2022 NFL Draft, several experts, analysts and writers have a lot of questions.

This is certainly fair. The opinions are valid. When a team has a second-year quarterback with physical traits like Justin Fields, it would make sense to surround him with as much talent as possible going into a sophomore campaign.

Poles has done anything but that, adding only one starting offensive lineman in free agency and failing to sign any big name wide receiver. Some would even argue that Poles failed to add any real talent at wide receiver during the entire offseason, but that would be a stretch.

It does make sense looking at it from the other perspective, though. Fields is the long play, here. Poles is looking at 2023 to be more of the impactful offseason, and although that’s not the fun strategy, it might pan out better than we realize. Now, going into training camp, it also makes for some highly-anticipated battles.

Ryan Poles’ lack of talent added to this Chicago Bears roster could result in some heated training camp battles.

The one thing you can’t say about this Bears roster is that there will be a lack of competition. Even though Poles hasn’t added top-tier talent at some key positions, he has added quantity — and he’s done so on shorter, prove-it type deals that will ignite some veterans to really compete at a high level.

Looking back does no good at this point. Looking forward to training camp and the battles that will take place — that’s where we’re at. So, let’s do just that.

Under Matt Eberflus, the Bears are going to endure a much different camp this year. It’s going to be more grueling. The work will be harder than ever, but Eberflus promises the ultimate reward at the end. He is all about putting the best product on the field, and that requires the tough work.

As Eberflus begins his first training camp with the Bears, he’s going to see three key positions competing at an intense level — more intense than other spots. Let’s look at three training camp battles that will be extremely enjoyable to watch come late July.


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