3 Chicago Bears players who could be cut by training camp’s endRyan Heckmanon July 11, 2022 at 11:00 am

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Training camp is going to be a whole lot different this year for the Chicago Bears. For starters, new head coach Matt Eberflus has set a totally new precedent for this team. It is all about those track shoes, as we have heard many times.

These Bears are going to run, and they are going to run hard — or, for the guys who don’t, they’ll be looking for a new job. When Eberflus took over as head coach, you could feel the seriousness in his voice when it came to his philosophies.

This is going to be a completely different vibe than the camps Matt Nagy ran. Eberflus is going to run these guys hard — and obviously be smart about it in the heat, and whatnot. But, he’s going to ensure this is a conditioned team and a team that features speed, effort and guys who will play til the whistle blows.

Because it will be a new vibe and high expectations will be set, some notable players will not make it to September.

When training camp is all set and done with, the Chicago Bears could end up parting with some key players.

Not only will Eberflus be running a tight ship and working his guys hard, but general manager Ryan Poles did add a lot of players at key positions. So, there will be some fierce competition. Chicago may not have added elite talent at certain positions, but Poles added talent in bunches.

Positions like offensive line and wide receiver are going to see a plethora of guys battling it out for roster spots, and that’s the type of environment you want to see from a rebuilding team. You want to see a lot of players battling hard for roster spots that are, at the moment, up in the air.

As it stands, there aren’t a lot of guaranteed roster spots. At least, there aren’t as many as there were last year or the previous year. If Poles has done one thing, it’s create competition and set this team up for long-term success.

So, which players might be on their way out at the end of training camp? Let’s look at three in particular.


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