3 biggest storylines from the 3-0 Chicago Bears preseasonVincent Pariseon August 29, 2022 at 9:42 pm

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The Chicago Bears are coming into this 2022 NFL season with incredibly low expectations. Not many people believe that they have a chance to compete in 2022.

A large part of it is because it is so obviously a transition year as there is a new coach and general manager trying to develop a team pretty much from scratch.

They had an impressive showing in the preseason with their 3-0 record. Of course, winning and losing don’t matter in the preseason at all. What matters is the actual play of the players and coaching staff.

Througout this process, there have been some fun storylines to follow. Now that the exhibition season is over, these are the three biggest storylines from the preseason and how they shook out:

1. Justin Fields

The play of Justin Fields has the potential to impact the Chicago Bears forever.

The Chicago Bears traded up in the 2021 NFL Draft so that they can select Justin Fields out of Ohio State University. Since then, he has been on this roller coaster with the franchise that never seems to do things smoothly.

Of course, he started out as the backup for Andy Dalton which was a major mistake. It didn’t take long for Fields to take over but Matt Nagy’s brutal offensive schemes didn’t help him even slightly. Now that Nagy is gone, he needs to take a big step.

Well, the fact that he played well in the preseason won’t necessarily mean that he will be good in the regular season but it is better than playing poorly. Coming into this year, it is obvious that we need to see Fields take a big step and the preseason was great for that.


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