2022 NBA Draft: Chicago Bulls select guard Dalen Terry at No. 18 overall

The Chicago Bulls have selected Arizona guard Dalen Terry in the 2022 NBA Draft

Building off a successful season that resulted in a playoff berth, the Chicago Bulls added a new face to a budding core.

With the 18th overall pick ,the Bulls selected 19-year old Dalen Terry out of Arizona.  He’s a 6’7 guard who brings size, excellent defense, and great passing. Moreover, Terry brings a fearless personality, one which Bulls fan will learn to love.

Dalen Terry Analysis

Bleacher Report draft expert Jonathan Wasserman shared his scouting report on Terry.

Scouting Report: A 6’6″ ball-handler, Terry has become intriguing for his guard size, versatility and impact on winning, even though there are real questions about his scoring and shooting.

Will Gottlieb of CHGO shared his profile on Terry as well.

Terry is one of “my guys.” He’s been a late riser in the draft process, but solidified himself around the mid-20s area. But why wait? Terry is limited as a scorer, but he fits the bill as an awesome big-wing defender who can really playmake, keep the ball moving and make his teammates better.

He’s not going to be a high-upside pick in the sense that he could run the offense at some point in his career (although, if that shot comes together…). He’s building on some invaluable skill sets that give him room to be a contributor now with room to develop into more of an offensive hub as his career progresses.

Dalen Terry Highlights

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