2021 NBA Offseason Arrives For The BullsDrew Krieson May 19, 2021 at 1:49 pm

The Chicago Bulls season came and went in the blink of an eye. While we didn’t have enough to get into this year’s NBA playoffs to gain some postseason experience, we’d say it was a positive year overall. The team moved some pieces around while continuing to develop their young guys like Patrick Williams and Coby White. Unfortunately though, they failed to finish the job and will head into the 2021 NBA offseason.

It was nowhere near the outcome we expected for this team. Especially given the acquisition of Nikola Vučević at the NBA trade deadline. Down the stretch of the season, the Bulls faced an uphill battle. They had a tough schedule, some injuries, and All-Star Zach LaVine, missed 11 games due to quarantining for a positive COVID-19 test. It was the right mix of the wrong scenarios for this franchise and its fans, but at the end of the day, this season was more good than bad. And now we have the offseason and 2021 NBA draft to look forward to before next year.

What We Know For The NBA Draft

This year’s NBA draft takes place on Thursday, July 29, 2021. Yes, that’s a long time from now, but for us Chicago Bulls fans, it’s one of the next biggest things coming up in the NBA offseason. As it currently stands, the Bulls have a 20% chance of keeping their first round pick in 2021. If you recall from the NBA trade deadline moves with the Magic, the Bulls gave up this year’s first rounder in the deals. However, the pick stays with us if it turns into a top 4 spot at the Draft Lottery. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed until June 22.


Approaching the 2021 NBA Offseason

The draft is really the big question mark for us this offseason. It’ll all come down to the lottery in about a month. There is a chance the front office makes deals to secure a first round pick. Arturas Karnisovas made it a point in saying that the Bulls aren’t done with improving the roster. It really leaves anything on the table for the NBA Offseason in 2021. Could Chicago trade away Lauri, White, or even Williams? We like to say there’s no chance at White or Williams leaving, but some fans might not be too heartbroken if management moves Markkanen. It’s sad to say, but of all guys on the current roster, Lauri is most likely to leave by next season. Would a trade involving him mean a new player or draft pick? We can’t really say. But ultimately, it could be what’s best for our future.


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