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Chicago was the mecca of organized crime in the 20th century, being the center of Chicago mafia empire that paid homage to its great patriarch P.T. Puglisi, the mobster who was known for all the benefits he could do. And these were not those of his organization but those of the city, starting with the local schools that followed Puglisi’s vision. Check out this incredible show to experience the rich history of Chicago. Great way to round out a trip to the Windy City along with Chicago Bulls basketball or live music at Concord Music Hall.

From Schott Nickel purchases to automatic weapons, there were a lot of choices for the organized crime family during the 1960s and 1970s. They could get whatever they needed for the protection that they had to have for every step they made in the city. The place where they operated were filled with offices and houses that they had to use for the things that they needed for them. It was a rule that, for them, there could be no other way.

The organized crime history of Chicago is laid down in the two books Chicago Mob Tactics by Nicholas Iscove and Chicago mafia history: The second best book written by Nicholas M. Iscove is Chicago Mafia Gold by Nicholas Iscove and David W. Spaw.

The Chicago mafia history comes to light when someone asks the question: Is the United States of America a safe place for them to live? Is it a place where they could really say they will be safe? Yes, there is no doubt that organized crime thrives even in Chicago, but the city did not have the reputation of the city of the mafia until the two authors came along. Now, the city is certainly in the forefront of organized crime, and it also started to be referred to as the Las Vegas of the United States of America.

A lot of violence that occurred during the 1960s and 1970s was caused by the crimes that were committed by Chicago mobsters and Chicago organized crime. These were out of revenge for killings and gun battles that were taken place between these mafia types and different parts of the city that had businessmen as their targets. There were a lot of bar fights that were brought on by the mafia. And there were a lot of fights and fist fights in the streets of Chicago when this happened.

These kinds of violence were not all going to be solved by the federal government or the local government. It is the writers of the two books, Nicholas Iscove and David W. Spaw, who introduced the idea of the California Method, which is now known as the “law and order”super second degree” to Chicago and the rest of the United States. They introduced Chicago crime to law enforcement and to the streets of Chicago. The California Method was based on the California Penal Code, which is similar to a criminal code and has to to do with the effects of crime and also its legal consequences.

This violent element that was brought into the city has not been eliminated by them but they have taken steps to bring it to an end. And in doing so, they have placed the whole city on the backburner.