Final game of 2021 Chicago Bears season will seal Matt Nagy’s fateVincent Pariseon January 9, 2022 at 11:52 pm

The Chicago Bears were a horrid football team in 2021. They were so bad that they finished the season with a record of 6-11. They almost had a somewhat respectable (not really) record of 7-10 but they blew a lead to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. It was an ending that should seal Matt Nagy’s fate.

There was a report that the Bears would fire Matt Nagy after their Thanksgiving game this year but that never happened. You have to think that the Bears wanted that rumor to become false so they backtracked on their plan. Either way, the streak of never firing a head coach midseason lives on.

However, it is hard to see Nagy escaping this offseason as the Bears head coach. It would honestly be surprising if he was still the head coach of this team by this time next week. The final game of this year showed exactly why he needs to be gone. It was a very fitting final game of his Chicago Bears tenure.

Matt Nagy had a bit of early success with the Bears. They went 12-4 in 2018 and went to the postseason. They also only lost because of the fact that Cody Parkey had the worst kicking season of all time. After that, however, Nagy really fell off.

Matt Nagy didn’t do anything that the Chicago Bears needed him to do during his tenure.

He was supposed to be the guy that can develop Mitch Trubisky but he only got worse from his rookie season on. After they parted ways with Mitch, they drafted Justin Fields and signed Andy Dalton. Nagy was wishy-washy with the starting quarterback and never seemed to make the right decision. Once again, the Bears played a full season with mediocre quarterback play.

Nagy’s strong suit was supposed to be building an offense. Instead, the defense was the strength of the team during his entire tenure. Developing the quarterback and scoring points were both sore spots for this staff.

As this Sunday game against the Vikings went on, every issue was shown. They were leading 14-3 at halftime. It is a nice lead but it could have been better because they could not score once they were in the red zone.

They had to settle for field goals far too many times. They couldn’t scheme anything up that was good enough. There was even a fourth and one situation on the goal line. Of course, you should go for it but Nagy even messed that up. They didn’t do a quarterback sneak or a run play. Instead, Nagy called a play where Dalton had to drop back which of course did not work.

That is just one of many bad examples from this season and even the seasons leading up. Nagy will be gone but that doesn’t mean that this team will make the right improvements. We can hope they do for now but it remains to be seen. One good thing is that this season is over and they will at least try to change.

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